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ICAOS Bylaws

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The ICAOS Bylaws articles are part of CORE (Compact Online Reference Encyclopedia).

Governor appointed commissioners in every state act on behalf of the state, region, and broader national interest to promote the commission’s mission. Each commissioner represents one vote on the commission, exercising that vote to establish bylaws, operating policies, future initiatives, technological advancements, and compliance enforcement. Through the bylaws, rules, and processes established by commissioners, the national office acts to research, advise, and implement commission directives. 

History: Adopted/effective November 20, 2002; amended/effective November 3, 2003; amended/effective October 27, 2004; amended /effective September 13, 2005; amended/effective October 4, 2006; amended September 14, 2011, effective March 1, 2012; amended October 7, 2015, effective March 1, 2016; amended/effective October 3, 2018; amended/effective October 9, 2019; amended/effective September 29, 2021.

ICAOS Bylaws Effective September 29, 2021 - Download PDF version of the ICAOS Bylaws. (Takes 5 seconds to generate)

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