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Nominated: Jocelyn Angton / Texas - May 9, 2018

Dear Texas Compact Team,

I just wanted to express my thanks and gratitude to you for having Jocelyn Angton on your staff.

I was having great trouble in gaining understanding of the process and status of the transfer of my son from Nebraska to Texas. He being 800 miles away and in danger of not having a place to stay while waiting for the transfer to occur so he could travel home was quite stressful for me and him, so time was of the essence. While I know that fact that my son is even on probation is no one’s fault but my son’s and even when he has done everything asked of him, the system can be difficult to navigate, moves slowly and caseloads for many of you are truly excessive.

I contacted Jocelyn and she was more than accommodating, she was kind and understanding of a father’s love for his son and my need for information and quick resolution. She listened to me explain the unique circumstances of the situation and based on doing was right for my son, while still making sure all the proper documentation and procedures were followed, facilitated the transfer process for us, going out of her way to make phone calls to the appropriate people and reaching back out to me when completed. I am so appreciative of how she handled this situation.

I truly believed that if we had more Jocelyn’s in the justice system we would have a better, more compassionate, more effective system. If it were up to me I would give Jocelyn a raise!

I hear a lot of negative things about our justice system as I am sure you do, my experience in interacting with Jocelyn was the antithesis of negative, it was truly uplifting for me in a time a distress.

Thank you Jocelyn and thank you Texas Compact Office for having the right person doing the right job.

Stay blessed,

Mr. Marks

Submitted by: Offender’s Father / Texas