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Nominated: Felix Rosa / New York - March 7, 2018

On March 7, 2018 at 10:03am Florida DCA Tim Strickland emailed information to New York Parole DCA Felix Rosa regarding a New York Sex Offender that was transferred to Florida who on March 6, 2018 was arrested in Florida on new kidnapping and sex offenses against a child. FL advised NY that a full OVR would be submitted requesting NY to issue a warrant for the offender so under Florida Statutes the parolee could be held in custody until the disposition of the violation hearing was completed. FL acknowledged that the offender would not be available for retaking and would not be expecting NY to retake until after the disposition of the new Florida charges but needed to ensure that the offender could be held in custody due to the extreme public safety issue that he represented. 

NY DCA Rosa took quick action in contacting the offender's NY Parole Officer and the NY Parole Commission. At 10:37am, 34 minutes after receiving the information about the new charges, FL received a reply email from DCA Rosa advising that the NY Parole Violation Warrant had been issued and lodged with the Florida Sheriff’s Department who had the offender in custody. DCA Rosa's quick actions helped to ensure that this offender would remain in custody and that the public would be protected from this clear danger.

Submitted by: DCA Tim Strickland / Florida


Suzanne Brooks

Suzanne Brooks Photo

Full Name: Suzanne Brooks

Title: Deputy Compact Administrator

Commission Title: Deputy Compact Administrator

Role Group: Parole & Probation

Agency: Department of Corrections

Unit: Interstate Compact

Address: 4545 Fisher Road

Suite D

Columbus, Ohio 43228

Region: Midwest

Office Email:


Office Phone: 614-387-0809

Direct Phone: 614-752-0829


Fax 1: 614-752-1822

Fax 2:



Over the past 6 years, Suzanne has served as the DCA for Ohio. Through that time, she has worked tirelessly to educate officials throughout her state and improve Ohio’s compliance rate; and, she has been an active voice and participant on the ABM Workgroup and Compliance Committees. Suzanne’s enthusiasm and generosity have earned the respect of staff, Commissioners, and her peers. She received the 2020 Executive Director's Award from the Commission.

Submitted by suzanne.brooks on 2:42pm EST


Great job, Felix!!! Amazing teamwork to ensure public safety.