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Nominated: Bryce Donahue / California - July 26, 2019

I would like to give recognition to Inyo County Probation Officer Bryce Donahue for his assistance in apprehending our Compact offender. Officer Donahue worked extremely hard to ensure the New Mexico Offender was located and taken into custody throughout the last few days, even though he had no obligation to do so because California had closed interest in this case.

Due to the Offender's recent behavior, Officer Donahue was very concerned for the safety of the Offender’s children and did not believe it was in their best interest for her to be around them at this time. On July 25, after Officer Donahue confirmed the Nationwide Warrant had been entered into NCIC, he worked with local authorities to locate the Offender hiding in the attic of a Parolee’s residence and safely taken into custody.

Officer Donahue went above and beyond the scope of his job duties. I am very grateful for his actions and would like Officer Donahue to know that New Mexico Interstate Compact recognizes his hard work and dedication to public safety.

Submitted by: Rio Rancho Probation and Parole Supervisor Jared Haugh and Commissioner Roberta Cohen / New Mexico