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Turran Blazier / Indiana / August 26, 2020

Ms. Blazier has served in her role with the Indiana Office of Court Services (IOCS) for 12 years. She continues to represent IOCS and the Justice Services Division in a professional manner when working with other states and outside agencies. She is extremely self-sufficient and ensures Compact issues are addressed immediately. At the beginning of the year Ms. Blazier identified an issue that needed addressed with a private community corrections agency. The agency covered two counties and was not working with those probation offices to properly transfer cases out of state.  She arranged meetings with all the parties and worked with them to resolve the issues as the Rules require. When the pandemic hit last March, she used her skills and knowledge to adapt to the situation. She continued to educate local offices on the requirements, and policies and procedures to ensure Indiana stayed in compliance even through the chaos of the pandemic and relocation of staff to work from home. Her ability to stay organized ensured everything was addressed immediately to be in compliance with the mandatory timelines.  She routinely checked on cases after hours to determine what needed to happen.  She developed a process in her division to ensure Compact operated seamlessly and nothing was missed if someone is out of the office. While we are still in the midst of the pandemic, Ms. Blazier continues to educates stakeholders on new requirements and looks or opportunities to train new and older local officers assigned to Compact for their department.  In addition to being amazing at her primary job, she has also taken on staffing the Probation Officer Advisory Board in Indiana. Ms. Blazier took the opportunity to find out what the probation field needs, so she can address those issues as they come up. She is always willing to help and has an amazing ability to keep her sense of humor even when inodiated with work and a pandemic.


Submitted by: Angie Hensley-Langrel / Indiana