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Samuel Flynn / Florida / October 1, 2020

Florida Sr. Supervisor Flynn received a phone call from an attorney, Joe Messineo, from Illinois concerning a case pending violation due to a violent crime conviction, misdemeanor battery. In the conversation Sr. Supervisor Flynn took the time to advise Mr. Messineo on the rules of the Compact and assisted in directing Mr. Messineo to the Compact's website and pointed out specific resources available on the site to assist Mr. Messineo in educating himself on the requirements of the Compact including White Papers for retaking and liability. Sr. Supervisor Flynn also suggested possible accommodations that Florida may agree to for the offender to be instructed to return to Illinois but that such an agreement could only be made by both of the respective Compact Offices and not by a field supervisor.

Based on the information and advise given by Sr. Supervisor Flynn Mr. Messineo did review the Compact's website and became more familiar with the requirements of the Compact. Mr. Messineo contacted Illinois DCA Holly Kassube and discussed the option of having the offender instructed to return to Illinois as opposed to being held and retaken under a warrant. Illinois DCA Kassube reached out to Florida DCA Tim Strickland and Florida agreed to having the offender instructed to return. Mr. Messineo also called Florida DCA Strickland and in the conversation Mr. Messineo related that his interaction with Sr. Supervisor Flynn was very professional, courteous and provided more assistance and understanding of the Compact process than Mr. Messineo had expected and he was a true professional.

Sr. Supervisor Flynn could easily have dismissed Mr. Messineo's call and directed him to contact Illinois staff but Sr. Supervisor Flynn took the time to assist Mr. Messineo with better understanding what was required under the Compact and what may be possible. Sr. Supervisor Flynn's actions demonstrated his commitment to fostering a better working relationship and understanding of the Compact with a stake holder, a defense attorney, who was not from or practicing in Florida and his example of his caring and knowledge of the Compact demonstrate his professionalism and humanity in how to communicate and assist others.

Submitted by: DCA Tim Strickland / Florida

Seconded by: DCA Holly Kassube / Illinois