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Crystal Maples / Kansas / February 1, 2021

As a PO in Travis County, Texas, I monitor a case with a high profile victim, and the offender is transferred to Kansas. On 1/20/21, we received communication from a third party indicating that the offender was sending a large number of alarming emails. This behavior occurred once before and it was determined to be the result of the offender's mental health medication lapsing, but not before the offender was extradited to Texas and spent a significant amount of time in jail. Upon receiving the recent emails about the offender, I sent a CAR requesting an update on his medication status and why. Ms. Maples responded immediately, and within 3 days was able to make contact with the mental health provider, have a home visit scheduled, and his medication reinstated. Each time I requested an update on the situation so that the Judge could be kept informed, she responded within 30 minutes. Ms. Maples's willingness to go above and beyond and ensure the offender was receiving appropriate services both protected the community in which he resides and avoided the need to incarcerate him and the expense of extradition. I hope Ms. Maples can be recognized by her agency and Interstate Compact for her exceptional response and casework in this situation.

Submitted by: Erin Morgan / Texas