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Bench Book - 1.9 Recommended Sources of Compact Law and Information

For additional information on interstate Compact law and interstate Compacts generally, see MICHAEL L. BUENGER, JEFFREY B. LITWAK, MICHAEL H. MCCABE & RICHARD L. MASTERS,, THE EVOLVING LAW AND USE OF INTERSTATE COMPACTS 2d ed. (ABA Publ’g 2016) and JEFFREY B. LITWAK, INTERSTATE COMPACT LAW: CASES AND MATERIALS 3d ed. (Semaphore Press 2018)

For historical context on interstate Compacts, see Felix Frankfurter & James M. Landis, The Compact Clause of the Constitution—A Study in Interstate Adjustments, 34 YALE L.J. 685 (1925).

For historical context on Compacts and as applicable to transfer of supervision of individuals on probation and parole under the ICAOS, see Michael L. Buenger & Richard L. Masters, The Interstate Compact on Adult Offender Supervision: Using Old Tools to Solve New Problems, 9 ROGER WILLIAMS U. L. REV. 71 (2003).

See also the legal analysis concerning the contractual nature of ICAOS as interpreted and applied in Doe v. Pennsylvania Bd. of Prob. & Parole, 513 F.3d 95, 105 n.7 (3d Cir. 2008) (analyzing the contractual nature of ICAOS and citing the foregoing article); James G. Gentry, The Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision: Parole and Probation Supervision Enters the Twenty-First Century, 32 MCGEORGE L. REV. 533 (2001).

For a report on interstate Compact agencies and good governance, see U.S. Gov’t Accountability Office, No. GAO-07-519, Interstate Compacts: An Overview of the Structure and Governance of Environment and Natural Resource Compacts (2007).